Hello to all   the big bang theory lovers
I love to write scripts and this series is my biggest inspiration!
Here's one of my favorite scenes!
Hope you enjoy it

Funny scene

The place: Leonard's and Sheldon living room
The situation: Amy sitting on the couch and she is alone
Sitting and looking at the clock….. After a few seconds she is standing, looking to the right, sits back down on the couch and look at the clock again
she begins to bite her nails.
Sounds are heard at the door Amy tense up and Leonard entered.
Amy jumps and speaks quickly and hysterically;
Amy: OMG OMG OMG Leonard Leonard Leonard!!!!

Leonard: confused:" Yes … I'm glad to see you to Amy "
And in a worried voice,  "Where is Sheldon?

Amy: "I was with Bernadette at penny's  apartment until it was the time for the Tuesday night tour every other week at the zoo to view koalas with Sheldon, I came here and he told me to wait 90 seconds so he will be able to empty his bladder

And from then until now he is in the bathroom!!!

Leonard: How long is it?
Amy: Two hours!
Leonard: two hours and so far you did not check on him?
Amy: It's not that simple Leonard! You know what lies at stake here?
Great responsibility rests on me! I am Sheldon Cooper girlfriend! I have to meet the expectations and I have only one chance to do it!
If for example he cannot do his bowel movement I just interrupt him in my presence
or if he was feeling sick and throwing up he does not want me to see his uvula! You know how sensitive he is to it!

Or if he has a scientific revelation and now suddenly I come and knock on the door? He would never forgive me for the fact that I was the one who stood between him and the Nobel Prize!

And I cannot screw it up Leonard if I won't do the right thing this will be my third strike!
And I cannot afford Sheldon Cooper dumps me!

Leonard: ~ scared but trying to calm Amy ~ "Okay okay … Third strike? What have you done so far?"

Amy: The first strike was when…..

Leonard: "No matter … I'm going to check on him,
Besides, if he is sick you will be the one to sing "soft kitty

Amy: in excitement: "soft kitty! I'm going to sing Sheldon soft kitty!  YAY

Amy waiting a few seconds and then Leonard comes to the living room
He supports Sheldon.

Sheldon sits on his spot
Amy quickly sits down next to him

Amy: talking fast and hysterically:" Sheldon! What happened? Whatever it is Do not worry I'm with you" Amy makes a gesture to hold Sheldon's hand And then changed her mind and take back the hand.  "Don't holding your hand because you do not like it … but I'm here Sheldon I'm here

Sheldon: "He's dead!"
Leonard and Amy: "Who died?"
Sheldon:" What's life worth and what is the order in the world if heroes are dead?
He tried to save the world and died! Dead! If he dies what hope do I have? What hope

Is there for the Sheldon? "

Bursts into tears

Leonard: I have a feeling I know what happened…. ~ Going to the bathroom and returns with a comic book ~
"Spider-Man! Spiderman died …
Sheldon this is not real

Think of it this way, he did not die in our universe
he died in  The Ultimate universe "

Sheldon: ~ bursts into tears again and this time more hysterical ~
"So what does this mean? That if there is no hope for our world
so the hope in the other universes completely dissolved?
If Spider-Man died in another universe, what about the ultimate universe Sheldon?

Amy: "Wait" ~ speaks slowly and seems on the verge of tears ~
"That means another Sheldon in a different universe is  …"
Sheldon: "Dead!, Yes! Sheldon died!! If Spider-Man died sure Sheldon will not survive the stupidity of humanity!
Amy: ~ starts crying ~ "ho the humanity!"
Sheldon: Ho …
Amy: ~ cry ~ "He's dead! Sheldon is dead!"

~ Sheldon and Amy sitting in the living room and crying hysterically ~

~ Leonard looks at them, and  going out to the corridor
he knocks on Penny's door
Penny and Bernadette opens the door ~

Leonard: I need help
Bernadette: What happened?
Penny: if you want that I'll make you a new inhaler, I hope you remember what happened last time…..
Leonard: No that's not it, Sheldon cry because Spider-Man died and Amy is crying because Sheldon died…
penny + Bernadette: Sheldon died??
Leonard: No! Just follow me….

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