Raj and Abigail

Hello to all   the big bang theory lovers
I love to write scripts and this series is my biggest inspiration!
Here's one of my favorite scenes!
Hope you enjoy it 

Funny moment between Raj and Abigail  a


Background: Sheldon and Leonard broke down penny's door
So Sheldon Leonard and Penny went to buy a new door
penny had to find someone to watch over the house … No one could except her Friend Abigail
We see Abigail's sitting at the living room and opens a box
Inside the box There are many different colored lipsticks
She begins to examine them and then she hear a knock at Leonard and Sheldon door
She see Raj

Raj: knocking on the door: "Leonard?

Abigail: "They're not here"  * Raj jumps*  "Sheldon and Leonard broke down penny's door and I stayed to look after the apartment … so you're probably stuck with me …"
Telling raj to come and sit on the couch next to her
Raj holds out one hand to open the beers and just then Abigail takes the beers and says, "I'll put it in the fridge " Raj makes a sad face
Abigail returns to sit on the couch next to Raj how looks miserable

Abigail: I was just going to try the new lipsticks I bought on eBay "
"But first I need something to wash off the taste  …"
she goes to the fridge "Coca-Cola, orange. No. No … water… Vodka!!!. Yes it certainly would wash away the taste"
Brings the bottle of vodka to the table and arrange the lipsticks on the table

"So it goes like this Raj, I'm covering your eyes with a handkerchief and then gives you a taste of the lipstick
now Raj is terrified !   "and you will have to guess what flavor is it,

In order to clean our mouth from the lipsticks flavors we will drink vodka"

And before that Raj can respond Abigail tying a handkerchief over his eyes.
She takes the first lipstick smearing it on her lips and then kisses Raj on his lips.
Abigail: "What flavor is it?"~ Serves him vodka and put the glass in his hand ~
Raj drink and says: "Strawberries!"
Abigail: "Close enough! It was strawberries and cream"
Drinking vodka and says: Next
Raj: "How many are there?"
Abigail:" never enough … "put more lipstick on and kiss him again
Raj: sour cherry
Abigail: You're getting better! Wild cherry!

Drinking again; and kiss again
Raj: caramelized peach!
Abigail:" very good!"
"The next one in line is hard to guess"
Raj takes a sip from the glass and say:" I'm ready! "
Abigail drinking vodka and without lipstick she bends over and kisses Raj
Raj: "It's really difficult. It tastes like vodka and a touch of something sweet and refreshing"
Abigail: That was pure me!
Then moves over to kiss him….
Of course at this moment Leonard and Sheldon returns to the apartment….

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