" Revngeline" part 1

" Revngeline"

"Wait," he begged for mercy. "Who are you? , what's your name?"
She stared at him, and he on his part watched her eyes, Terrified. "What is your name?" He asked again in a whiny voice. But she didn't hear him.

In her mind she was thinking thoughts about her past

ESOR city ; 2020

Black Hair and Green Eyes, perfectly balanced body, not fat, not thin.
Purple jacket over a white shirt and black pants. "Enough"! Said Evangeline
"So many mirrors! I can stare at myself all day!"
She went out. When she moved the curtain, the sound of the children at the amusement park came back to be heard.

And the darkness of the mirrors maze was gone.

"Ahhhhhahh" The people on the big rollercoaster were screaming happily.

I wonder if David is There, I'll wait for him….

She made ​​her way to the souvenir shop and actually did not have to wait at all, David was already there.
He was tall, somewhat thin With Scattered brown hair and a long brown coat that gave him the appearance of a Professor.

They held hands in silence and started to walk. She let  him to lead the way and they found themselves outside of the amusement park in the heart of ESOR CITY.
She looked at him, he nodded.
A car pulled up, their transportation has arrived.
this is the most impressive ride . thought Evangeline.
The car had designed in a round bowl shape and her color was dark blue. The only door had a red stripe and the door opened up and the car had only one wheel. The car looked like a bubble on a wheel. Indeed, an impressive car.

They were alone in the car, they did not have a driver and they did not know where they were going. They only knew that they will arrive. The destination does not matter.

"Did you get it?" asked Evangeline, "Yes, but it cost us a lot! two years I paid for this thing!"
"What?" Evangeline was shocked! "Two years?? Two years from your memory?, This is an outrage! Why did you agreed to that???? 'Why dont you just steal it?" David looked up, there was silence.

She knew, Evangeline knew why he did not steal it ..
If he could he would steal it and it will all be over, but the old council members are not stupid to say the least …
The valuable objects are programmed for an automatic payment, once a living organism touches an object the living organism automatically Paying from the memory of his life.
Where the memories are sent? Nobody knows, but Evangeline was sure they are stored somewhere,
Because: knowledge, she knew , is power!
She had never heard of anyone that paid two years of his life! What is this precious object she wondered?

Evangeline and David worked in the "organization"
No one knows what is the real name of the organization and no one knows what "the organization" planning or doing …

The "organization" as the old council,  realized that memory is something that can expose confidential information … If you do not remember for whom you work for there is no way to get this information from you …
The only thing left inside the memory of the people who work for the "Organization" is the moment when they sign the employment contract

Evangeline remember this moment very clearly and she memorized every detail.
She remembers the agreement that had been signed … The lines that explain to her that all she learned about the organization She will not remember.

and the lines. The lines in red ink which states that it is important to remember:
She decided to sign the document and it was voluntarily… she was not forced to do so.

"Remember agent," the red lines said '" you may not remember who and what the organization is all about but you must know that you're fighting for a Greater purpose than Yourself and fight for a better future.
And that we promise we will not let you forget.

Always with you! Always keeping you safe
"The Organization"



To be continued

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